Mission Possible

Thu Oct 1, 2015 Marathon

Thoughts after 18 miles, WE can make a difference in the clean water crisis.

I keep running, because I can. I am running for those who don't have a choice and there is no finish line in sight. Here are some thoughts after my long training run this morning ...

Much thanks to those who've chosen to make an impact already. I invite you to join me in making this mission possible providing 26 52 people with water, hope, and life. Will you visit my fundraising page and make a donation, to bring clean water to one or more of these children?

I want to add your name to my jersey. It is soooo easy, go to 


Video Blog - During my 14 mile run

Some thoughts during my training run this morning ... less than 30 days until my first marathon. 18 children have clean water to drink because of your support ... Join me on my run for water at http://muellerdjs.com/water

Posted by Scott Mueller on Thursday, October 8, 2015

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